MMR Transport Titan Truck Park, Stoneness road, West Thurrock Essex RM20 3AG

Vehicle tracking – a difficult yet important investment. Before deciding on investing in a vehicle tracking system, make sure that you know what and how the market is offering different vehicle tracking systems. MMR Transport has a built-in online live tracking system in every vehicle that helps us to get to know about the load’s live location and safety.

Vehicle tracking systems have been around for many years and with advancements in technology, they have significantly evolved in terms of accuracy, security and reliability.  It is now much easier for all the business owners out there to deploy a vehicle tracking system and keep updated with all their vehicles.

When you manage fleet vehicles there is an extensive list of factors that you need to consider. You must be aware of the fuel range, driver’s monitoring, car theft or illegal mobilization of your vehicle. If you have a couple of vehicles, it is not possible to keep a record of each and every vehicle all alone. This is where vehicle tracking systems jump in. these systems are one of the most important things to invest in as they make your vehicles safe, secure and manageable. Considering the safety of vehicles and employees is the most important thing when you own a professional company.

MMR Transport has invested in the most up to date tracking equipment on the market with all their vehicles that are tracked online 24/7. Our tracking system provides minute by minute tracking and reporting along with enhancing the communication between the driver and the managers. These trackers not only enhance the security of your goods and vehicles, but they also allow direct navigation for all delivery addresses leading to far better utilization of vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking system helps us to manage all our vehicles effectively, meet any legal obligations, organize necessary maintenance and improve overall safety. We believe that managing everything in every day’s busy schedule is quite a daunting task, be it your vehicles safety, navigation or any other thing, therefore, we have installed updated, efficient and effective tracking systems in each of our vehicles.

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